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Your power browser

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Experience a new kind of browser

Shift is the first and only browser to integrate all your web apps into one seamless online experience.

Faster and way more efficient

The beginning of something big

When the inefficiency of multiple email accounts and apps dragged down our browsing, we made Shift: a simple, functional answer to digital workflows.

Gaining momentum

What started as a side project on the desks of Redbrickers quickly came together as a full product. In 2016, we launched the beta version of Shift.

Introducing Shift Ultra

After years of steady growth building on our beta model, Shift rolled out a major update in 2023. Ultra transformed Shift’s browser capabilities, bringing in more search features, more customization, and an even smoother experience.

No more chaos

Connect all your emails, drives, and everyday apps within Shift to create a seamless, unified workstation—and stay logged in everywhere, all the time, so you can pick up right where you left off.

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Epic Search unleashed

Create multiple workspaces to separate your everyday workflows. But search all your inboxes, apps, and tabs in one go, from a single search bar—everything is connected, but never cluttered.

Focused browsing

Shift users save over 2hrs every week with a simple answer to clearing cluttered desktops, managing multiple inboxes, and working from a browser built to help you stay on task.

Shift brings it all together

Keeps my browser windows under control
Shift helps me keep organized, both personally and professionally, and allows me to go back and forth between applications without losing my mind.

Katie, Associate Director

Switch between personal and work accounts
The fact that I can streamline my workflow and work in 20 different programs/platforms within one app is a lifesaver.

Tatianna, Marketing Manager

Getting through my email is a breeze now
It has saved me hours of time opening and logging into separate email accounts multiple times a day.

Michael, Education Management

Trusted by professionals who need to get the most from their browser

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