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We believe in being leaders

Our global impact

We support thousands of entrepreneurs with technology that gives them a competitive edge to succeed.

There’s purpose
behind our software

There’s purpose
behind our software

Our commitment to entrepreneurs

At Redbrick, we're entrepreneurs at heart and we're passionate about inspiring others to start, grow, and scale their businesses.

And responsibility beyond business

To lead by example, we focus our efforts on where we believe we can create the most positive change: tech, sustainable impact, and community.

Our mission

Redbrick is committed to supporting digital entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that level the playing field and create equal opportunity to succeed within their industry. We’re building a pathway for the next generation of business leaders. That means we also have a responsibility to:

Develop technology that encourages entrepreneurs to pursue sustainable business and address their climate impact.
Dedicate our leadership experience and financial resources to education that fosters inclusion within tech.
Reinvest our success in our local community to revitalize the connection between business and positive change.


Developing software that inspires innovation

Building for the future

Tech is full of possibility, and we love exploring, innovating, and building within it. But creating space for other people’s innovation is what really drives us.

We’re passionate about creating tools that make it easier for anyone to start a business and have cutting-edge technology by their side as they grow.


Taking action to be a sustainable business for people and our planet

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech

Diverse perspectives are critical to ensuring that our software, and the businesses it inspires, make an equitable impact.

We’re dedicated to workplace education, our extensive co-op program, and creating opportunities that foster inclusion so we can lead as a responsible employer and an agent of change.

Leading climate action

First, we’re actively reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint as a company and a team. Second, we’re developing technology that encourages entrepreneurs to pursue sustainable business and address their climate impact.


Supporting connection and local development

Beyond business

We’re reinvesting our success in our local community because we want to revitalize the connection between profitable business and positive change.

Creating connection

We support our community with volunteer initiatives and investment. But we also value creating community through mentorship, local partnerships, and anything from tech talks to ping-pong tournaments.

We ground our values in action

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