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Assembly partners with Alive Publishing
Dec 17, 2020
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B.C.’s fastest-growing company, Assembly Technologies Inc., partners with and appoints new CEO to lead the company into 2021.

We’re pleased to announce that Assembly Technologies Inc. (Assembly) has partnered with leading health and wellness publisher, Alive Publishing Group, to build the world's largest digital natural health and wellness publication.

Leading the way forward on this partnership for Assembly will be newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Geiger. A Redbrick portfolio company, Assembly is a fast-growing digital publisher turning a traditional industry on its head with its use of cutting-edge technology and a technology-first approach.

With 25 million monthly visitors across six verticalized brands, Assembly excels at getting the right content in front of those who want it most.

Through this partnership, Assembly will spearhead Alive’s monetization and marketing including sponsorships. Assembly’s award-winning technology platform will provide the base for Alive’s digital content. In turn, Alive will continue to serve millions of readers with high-quality health and wellness content via its established print properties.

With the help of Assembly’s award-winning technology, Alive will gain valuable insights to drive online readership and grow its digital presence further.

An expert in aligning business strategy, marketing, and technology, Jamie Gieger will guide Assembly forward in his new role as Chief Executive Officer. Since joining Assembly as a fledgling business in 2016, Jamie has played a critical role in the growth and evolution of the company — driving innovation in ad operations and building a world-class team as Director of Ad Operations.

We are excited for Jamie to bring his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to Assembly as CEO.With Jamie at the helm and a strong partnership with Alive firmly cemented, we look forward to supporting Assembly on its next phase of growth. For more information regarding the announcement, please read the following press release.

Assembly Technologies Inc (Assembly) and Alive Publishing Group (Alive) enter partnership to build the world's largest digital natural health and wellness publication

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, DECEMBER 9, 2020 -- Assembly Technologies Inc, the digital media group within Redbrick’s portfolio, today announced its first-ever partnership with an outside publisher - leading health and wellness brand, Alive Publishing Group.

Through the partnership, Assembly, which was named B.C.’s fastest-growing company in 2020, will spearhead and manage Alive’s advertising monetization, specifically for, including sponsorships and marketing, and will be the technology provider upon which Alive’s digital content will be hosted.

Alive will continue to drive high-quality content creation across its print and digital platforms but will have access to the added capability of leveraging Assembly’s technology to glean insights that inform its content going forward. Assembly’s technology will also bolster Alive’s digital presence and grow its online readership.

Leading the way forward on this partnership for Assembly will be newly appointed CEO, Jamie Geiger:

  • “I’m thrilled to have stepped into the role of CEO at Assembly at a time when digital readership is on the rise – accelerated by the general digitization of our everyday lives, as well as extended remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  • “With an increased interest in health and wellness, particularly during the global health crisis, Canadians want to be and stay informed, and are turning to online channels for the high-quality and accurate information they need to stay well.”

Marco Pimentel, CMO of Redbrick:

  • “In this day and age, having a digital presence is a non-negotiable for publishers around the world. What Assembly’s technology offers publishers, like Alive, is the opportunity to distribute their content more expansively across online channels, as well as leverage up-to-date data insights to make informed content decisions that positively impact their intended audiences.”
  • “At Assembly, we’re logging roughly 25 million monthly readers to our digital platforms. Alive has an established print presence, what we’re excited to do is get their high-quality health and wellness-related content in front of the vast group of people who need it online.”

Ryan Benn, President of Alive Publishing Group:

  • “At the end of the day, our goal is to get meaningful content in front of the right people, and in a way that’s most convenient to them. As our world becomes more digitized, and readers continue to seek out content through online channels, this partnership with Assembly will allow us to meet readers where they are, and increase the impact we have in the health and wellness publishing space.”

Interviews are available to discuss details of Assembly and Alive’s partnership, as well as the broader state of media and digital publishing in B.C. and Canada. Fast Facts About Assembly

About Alive Publishing Group

  • Alive currently reaches over 1.5 million readers in print, monthly, across North America.
  • Alive’s digital products reach over 500,000 people, monthly, for a current audience of over 2 million monthly.
  • Currently has five print publications – alive Canada, alive USA, sage, delicious living, and Canadian Natural Health Retailer (CNHR) – as well as a number of digital products.