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Let’s talk culture: How we’re keeping ours rolling remotely
Nicole Lee
Mar 31, 2020
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At Redbrick, we favour flexibility when it comes to where we work and when we work.

Having a package delivered; need to work from home for part of the day? No problem. Being a cloud-based tech company affords us the luxury of taking the odd work-from-home day here and there, but we would be lying if we said that we’re completely set up for it.

Like many other companies, we are entering our third consecutive week working from home, transitioning from in-person boardroom meetings to virtual Zoom rooms. Each day presents a new challenge, from tech glitches to entertaining home-bound kids, coping with social isolation and feelings of stress and anxiety.

Beyond logistical and technical issues, we’re confronted with an even more complex problem: How to cultivate a strong culture and network of support across a remote team? 

In our experience, the most creative solutions come from challenges with tight constraints. So, we approached this one like we would any other: With an open mind and out-side-of-the-box approach. Here are just some of the things Redbrickers are doing (social distancing approved) to stay connected and support each other in this time of uncertainty and stress.

Zoom to the rescue

From lunchtime chats to high-stakes games of ping pong, in-person interactions have long formed the foundation of our team culture. So, what happens when we can no longer chat about our weekend plans in the coffee nook? Well, we just had to get creative.

In an effort to preserve our lunchtime banter and help our team feel connected, we created the Zoom Lunch Room—a virtual lunchroom space. Members can sign in to Zoom and chat with each other as they enjoy their lunch at home.

It might seem simple, but communal lunchtime is an important time for our team to connect, especially when teams across different portfolio companies rarely get the opportunity to work together. This way, we can stay connected and catch up with each other without needing to be in the same room.

Virtual Run Club

The resident Redbrick Run Club (try saying that five times fast!) lives on, virtually! Prior to our office closure, the runners of Redbrick would get together for a twice-weekly afternoon run. Now, we’re keeping each other accountable with the help of Strava. Each day, members post screenshots of their run routes and challenge each other to get outside and get some fresh air.

#DailyPositivity channel

There’s no doubt, it’s a stressful and uncertain time in the world. In response, we created the #dailypositivity Slack channel to share things that made us smile each day.

Whether it’s acts of kindness being shared from around the world or personal sources of gratitude, #dailypositivity is where you go if you need a little boost.


Yes, you read that right: Zoga. It’s a thing. More specifically, it’s Zoom yoga. Three times a week the yogis of Redbrick are getting their zen on in a shared virtual yoga practice to promote good health, happy hearts, and calm minds. We highly recommend it.

Gettin’ quizzy with it

Every Friday, we’re hosting team-wide virtual Kahoot quizzes. Redbrickers sign-on and go head-to-head in the ultimate battle of brains. Stakes are high with virtual gift card prizes up for grabs. Not to mention the glory and fame that goes along with being crowned as the weekly quizmaster.

There’s no doubt, it’s a tense time for all of us right now. For our team, adjusting weekday routines from in-office to at-home takes some getting used to. But, if there’s one thing that we know, it’s that we’re more powerful together, regardless of whether that’s in-person or virtually.

We’re committed to keeping our culture strong and making sure that everyone on our team feels connected, supported, and empowered every day.