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Redbrick acquires Delivra as newest portfolio company
Jan 05, 2022
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Redbrick acquires email and marketing automation company, continuing to advance how it supports the digital entrepreneur.

Today, we’re excited to announce Delivra as Redbrick’s fifth portfolio company. As an email, SMS, and marketing automation software, the acquisition of Delivra is a strategic addition to our growing set of entrepreneurial products. 

Delivra emerged at the forefront of email marketing technology, cultivating meaningful engagement between businesses and their customers before advanced automation or multi-channel campaigns existed. Since then, the platform has been continually evolving as an established industry name, leading other companies in the integration of segmentation features, lead-filtering and more.

Over the last 20 years, Delivra has produced unrivaled customer success and captured a loyal user base of both small entrepreneurs and large organizations. Using Delivra’s fully-customizable design features, intuitive automation tools, and lead-generation insights, its global network of users send over 200 million messages per month. 

"Delivra offers in-depth knowledge in supporting digital entrepreneurs and SMBs with the delivery of marketing content through automated and personalized emails. Through the combination of Leadpages, a no-code website builder, and Delivra’s late-stage funnel capabilities, Redbrick’s portfolio is growing with the potential to support entrepreneurs in the digital space with a full suite of conversion tools."

Tobyn Sowden, CEO of Redbrick

This acquisition allows Redbrick to step toward the goal of growing its portfolio offerings that empower digital entrepreneurs.

Delivra’s product offerings provide the perfect complement to another of our portfolio companies, Leadpages: a no-code landing page and website builder. Delivra and Leadpages have an obvious synergy — an entrepreneur can attract leads on a site built with Leadpages and nurture their expanding customer base with Delivra’s personalized email and marketing automations.

Our Redbrick executive team and effective shared service model is well-positioned to guide Delivra through its next evolution while its current team stays onboard, continuing to provide expert service headquartered in Indianapolis. 

With the unprecedented growth of Leadpages since our acquisition last year, we’re excited to apply our same strategic outlook, innovative culture, and marketing expertise to cultivate the potential we see in Delivra.

Read the full press release here, or visit Delivra for more information.