Redbrick sponsors the return of TEDxVictoria
Feb 05, 2024
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TEDxVictoria returns for the first time since 2015, a world-renowned platform for research, entrepreneurship, and “ideas worth spreading."

TEDxVictoria 2024 is taking to the stage on May 15th at the historic McPherson Playhouse in the heart of downtown Victoria. It’s a full-day event hosting inspiring speakers, live performances, and community networking.

The lineup will be revealed in March, but you can expect the TEDxVictoria stage to feature twelve speakers sharing their research, innovative concepts, personal stories, and transformative experiences. Tickets are currently on sale at early bird pricing so snag a seat while you have a chance.

Buy tickets for TEDxVictoria 2024

Do you have an idea that deserves a spotlight? The hunt for TEDxVictoria speakers is in full swing! Apply to be a speaker and share your idea on a world-renowned stage.

What is TEDxVictoria?

TEDx brings the spirit of TED to communities around the globe. It’s a grassroots initiative that operates in the spirit of TED’s mission to “discover ideas worth spreading.” These localized events host speakers to highlight original ideas and the latest research in their community.

TEDx events are run under the program guidelines and licensing of TED but are self-organized by volunteers who are passionate about collective action and innovation. From an organizing team to marketing and day-of production, TEDxVictoria is entirely volunteer-run.

"Victoria is a uniquely close-knit community brimming with diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives. There’s a deep need for connection, and I think TEDx is exactly the event to bring our community together."

Marco Pimentel, TEDxVictoria Licensee and CMO of Redbrick.

Almost a decade has passed since the last TEDxVictoria conference, and it’s safe to say our community has grown and changed significantly—our population in the Vicotria metro area has increased by almost 40,000 people since 2015. The return of TEDxVictoria is a renewed opportunity to explore those changes, learn from our challenges, and move forward together.

What is the theme of TEDxVictoria 2024?

The theme, “It’s up to us” will bring Victoria together for inspiring conversations that challenge inaction and encourage change personally, globally, and local to Victoria. Speakers don’t have colour within the lines when it comes to this theme, so expect wide-ranging conversations, out-of-the-box topics, and fresh perspectives.

How to get involved with TEDxVictoria

As a not-for-profit event, all proceeds go towards venue costs or pay-it-forward tickets to ensure those facing financial barriers can attend. This means TEDxVictoria depends on the support of partnerships and volunteers.

Redbrick is proud to be the presenting sponsor of TEDxVictoria 2024. This event will bring together local experts, community organizations, entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses, and passionate individuals. TEDxVictoria is the intersection of everything we’re passionate about: entrepreneurship, sustainability, and community connection.

Partner with TEDxVictoria

TEDxVictoria is now issuing a callout for more local businesses and leadership to sponsor the event, opportunities for in-kind or monetary partnership are available.

There’s plenty of room on the stage for more partners! You’ll be supporting thought leadership that has the power to uplift our community and be right at the centre of all the action. This year’s event will seat an audience of over 700 people, including local business leaders and community advocates. The overall reach will be even larger when speakers are featured on the official international TEDx YouTube channel.

Want to know more? Here's how to partner with TEDxVictoria.

If you’re not a brand or business and want to get involved—now is the time to take action! Applications to volunteer for TEDxVictoria only remained open for week before an outpouring of support from the community and all positions were filled. But you can still apply to be a speaker and share your idea worth spreading on a world-renowned stage.

We highly recommend you get involved (and buy tickets) early, it’s going to be an event you don’t want to miss. See you there!