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Shift Launches New Features: Web Tabs, Smart Links, & More!
Olivia Scholes
Nov 22, 2019
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Shift is on a mission to make you the architect of your own productive workstation—beautifully designed, built by you.

Shift, a company from the Redbrick portfolio, is a productivity tool that helps people around the world streamline their workflow and get more done.

With access to top productivity tools—Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.—and custom-built features like cross-account Unified Search—search across all Mail, Calendar and Drive accounts—Shift is bringing convenience and focus to the modern workday. It is the go-to workstation for productive people everywhere. 

What started as a side-of-the-desk passion project has evolved into a movement of its own—and we couldn’t be more proud of everything Shift has accomplished. From humble beginnings to a thriving scaleup, their goal has been clear since day one—to reimagine the way we work on desktop and offer a better, more efficient solution.

Guided by this leading vision, the team launched a suite of thoughtfully-designed, custom-built features to, more than ever before, make you the architect of your own workstation. Today, we’re proud to throw a spotlight on all their hard work.

Features to upgrade your workflow

For the better part of a year, the Shift Team has been conceptualizing, designing, and building the workstation of the future. All their hard work culminated in the launch of their highly anticipated release this fall. 

In addition to a number of optimizations and user interface improvements, the release included a set of productivity-driven features never before seen: Focused Web Tabs, Smart Links, and the ability to quickly toggle between all your recent apps, accounts, and services.

Shift also now offers support for over 1,000 integrations in its Apps Directory.A new way to search the web, Web Tabs offers Chrome-like capabilities within Shift itself. Users can now access Google Docs in a Web Tab, perform key research or generally browse the web, without breaking their flow.

Introducing Web Tabs, a new way to search.

Smart Links allows you to customize how links behave in Shift. Set your preferences and Shift will automatically open links inside Shift, in a Web Tab, or in your default browser—depending on your choice.

New Shift feature: Smart Links

Context switching is at the core of what we do. Without the clean Shift interface to help keep things organizing, switching between work, your personal life, and everything else you do can break focus and make it difficult to make progress on the task at hand.

The newest addition Shift’s custom keyboard shortcuts aims to solve this. Use the shortcut Command + ` on Mac and Control + tab on Windows to toggle between accounts, check notifications, and switch between services without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

New Shift feature: The Quickest Switch—toggle between all your most recently used apps and accounts.

“We really put our ear to the ground for this release and listened to exactly what our customers were telling us. With a strong feedback loop between our customer success and development teams, we were able to gather insights into how we could better serve our audience. This latest release is the result of months of hard work. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out, and I’m certain that our community of Shift users would say the same.” - Michael Foucher, Director of Product, Shift.

Together, these features support Shift’s mission to redefine how work gets done in our digital-centric age and give you the power to customize your workstation so it best suits you.

Reimagining how we work

In today’s technology-dominated world, we’re no longer tied to our desks when it comes to working; the browser remains our go-to solution for getting work done. But, as the way we work evolves, the method by which we get it done is still stuck in the past—cluttered desktops, overflowing browser tabs, etc.

With decades of experience building and shipping world-renowned software, our team at Redbrick set out to solve this problem head-on. In 2016, we launched Shift to a small beta community and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. In less than three years, Shift has grown at lightning speed expanding its team four times over, serving customers in over 150 countries around the world and saving each user an average of two hours a week—a total of 400,000+ hours saved to date.

The whole Shift Team

As a member of the Redbrick portfolio of disruptive digital companies, we’re excited to continue supporting Shift on its upward growth trajectory. Guided by a strong vision, strategic leadership, and with Redbrick’s in-house creative, financial, and operational resources at its service, Shift is primed to continue on its mission of creating the workstation of tomorrow. 

Read more about Shift’s latest release or visit its website to learn more. If you’re keen to try it out, download Shift for free here and get started designing your custom workstation.