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Delivra: One year post-acquisition

What has Delivra accomplished within a year of being in the Redbrick family? Working closely with Delivra since 2022, we’ve established an internal marketing team, launched a full branding redesign, and revitalized product development.

Redbrick acquired Delivra, an email, SMS, and marketing automation software, in January 2022. Delivra joined the Redbrick family with an unrivaled legacy in email marketing, but it had been held back from its potential by a lack of investment over recent years.

Delivra’s very loyal customer base was unlike anything we’d seen before, its software demonstrated data-handling capabilities beyond anything else on the market, and the team had decades of deep product knowledge. But, despite having all the ingredients to be an industry leader, Delivra’s outdated brand assets and non-existent marketing meant new user acquisition had slowed.

The problem

Delivra needed more resources to create a stable marketing program, update its product, and capture more customers.

Why did Delivra choose Redbrick?

The team had been forced to push so many projects onto the back burner, Delivra knew change was needed and Redbrick was well-positioned to put in the work. Our marketing expertise and Shared Services team made us a great fit for Delivra’s needs.

Throughout the acquisition process, we worked with the Delivra team to understand their priority needs and met their product expertise with our own strategic roadmap.

Our Shared Services team steps in to relieve companies of pressures like HR, Culture, and finance services, allowing teams to focus solely on their product and their customers. Shared Services also provides support in marketing, design, creative, and UI so new acquisitions, like Delivra, can hit the ground running as soon as they join our portfolio.

It’s our unique company model and Shared Services team that allowed us to direct leadership and functional resources toward Delivra and accomplish so much within just a year.

"Being acquired by Redbrick has been a really great experience! Everyone is amazing to work with, we’re quickly given the support we need, and we have the autonomy to make our own decisions. It’s a perfect cultural fit for us, and the entire Delivra team is energized and happier than we’ve ever been."

Barbara Berry, CEO of Delivra

Redesigned product UI

Delivra’s last significant software update occurred in 2019 and over its 20 years in business, the platform maintained a dated UI that was frequently cited in customer reviews and during the sales process. Delivra’s powerful functionality and sophisticated set of features were well ahead of their competition, but usability and efficiency were becoming major hurdles.

We rebuilt the product from the ground up, redesigning the full product UI and updating the backend technology from ASP.Net Web Forms to React.

Our Shared Services UI designers, copywriters, and animators teamed up with Delivra’s product managers and developers to overhaul the software. Together, we built an entirely new interface that prioritized feature accessibility and completely reimagined the Delivra workflow based on years of feedback from customers and the team.

Within one year of joining the Redbrick family, Delivra Air, the newest generation of Delivra, rolled out to beta testers.

The new UI makes all the high-caliber functionality of Delivra much easier for users to tap into. It’s also a huge milestone for the Delivra team in their mission to better serve marketers. Delivra Air doesn’t require complex operating knowledge or hours in a tricky email builder—but maintains the power and flexibility that sets Delivra apart.

Revitalized Delivra marketing: 125% increase in new revenue

For three years, Delivra’s marketing had been nonexistent. Due to reduced investment from their previous parent company, Delivra had no active marketing and could not support a marketing division. This decreased brand awareness and added more pressure to the sales team for high-cost customer acquisition.

Within one month at Redbrick, Delivra had re-established email, search, and content marketing.

Our Shared Services marketing team got to work updating brand assets, re-activating paid search, and creating a long-term content strategy. In collaboration with the Delivra customer success and sales team, we created a new brand guide, refined product positioning, and laid the framework for a highly competitive marketing program.

Meanwhile, our People & Culture team began recruiting for Delivra’s first marketing team in years. After hiring a director of marketing from within one of our other portfolio companies, Delivra really hit the ground running.

With renewed inbound and outbound sales motions and a well-oiled marketing machine, Delivra’s revenue from new leads increased by 125% over the year prior to our acquisition.

New website and branding

Alongside outdated brand assets, the Delivra marketing site was making it difficult to measure up to competitors. The site was functional and had an established SEO footing, but it didn’t effectively represent everything Delivra could do.

A new website was a big wish-list item from the Delivra team so we broke ground on a redesign almost immediately post-acquisition.

Shared Services designed, developed, and launched a brand new

The Delivra team could stay focused on product development and rebuilding their marketing program while Shared Services tackled a full website rebuild. The new site supports a free trial flow, reduces friction in the conversion process, and uses a CMS that any member of the marketing team could navigate to make quick updates, run A/B tests, or publish new pages.

Increasing Delivra’s sales capabilities

Working with Redbrick’s business development team, Delivra established new outbound sales channels and revitalized strategic partnerships with other software.

We doubled the size of Delivra’s sales team and implemented Salesforce.

Hand-in-hand with a full branding redesign, we redefined Delivra’s competitive positioning and market segments. With all the changes Delivra was undergoing in marketing and product, post-acquisition was the right time to explore new market opportunities and reexamine Delivra’s long-term strategy.

With a new product and sales roadmap, Delivra wanted to maximize lead conversion opportunities. Creating a free trial option quickly became a priority within website design, new UI features, and Delivra’s paid media overhaul.

In the meantime, Redbrick’s finance team transitioned all customers to electronic billing and developed a reliable billing and revenue recognition process. Upgrading Delivra’s revenue systems and creating a free trial process cleared the way for a faster, more seamless sales process.

Investing in an ambitious team

Delivra’s team has always been well-equipped with decades of product knowledge and industry expertise. But there hadn’t been any expansion of the team in years which made it difficult to accommodate any growth in their customer base—especially with the re-establishment of sales and marketing efforts.

Delivra’s team has always been well-equipped with decades of product knowledge and industry expertise. But there hadn’t been any expansion of the team in years which made it difficult to accommodate any growth in their customer base—especially with the re-establishment of sales and marketing efforts.

Redbrick handled all the groundwork for recruitment and hiring, removing any additional costs or pressure from the Delivra team.

Over the course of the year, Delivra hired across almost all departments with the largest headcount increase in engineering.

With a growing team, Delivra could offer customer success managers to customers at all tiers which is a level of support that the team takes pride in providing. An executive alignment process was re-established and customer interviews restarted, strengthening Delivra’s feedback loop as they broke ground on the development of Delivra Air.

But investing in a hard-working team goes beyond recruitment and operations, our best investment is taking care of our people.

Delivra’s new parent leave increased from 6 weeks of leave to 12 months.

In joining the Redbrick family, the Delivra team inherited our benefits plan and all our People & Culture initiatives. That includes more employee appreciation, regular team events, and reimbursement for employee wellness, commuting, professional development, and work-from-home costs—all planned and budgeted for by Redbrick.

We also supported Delivra’s decision to transition to fully remote work after helping them trial coworking spaces and hybrid work. A big part of offering the team more stability was finding the right working setup for them, remote work was the perfect fit. The Delivra team still gets together regularly for strategic planning weeks, People and Culture initiatives, and joins us for our annual Leaders Summit.

What’s next for Delivra?

We’re really proud of how much the Delivra team has accomplished over the last year, there’s been a lot of change and growth—but we’re so grateful to be working with an ambitious and driven team. The collective dedication to Delivra and their customers is what sets this company apart.

All these milestones represent a shift in the energy at Delivra, we’re all excited by the possibility of what’s to come. With an unrivaled customer success program, unique customer loyalty, and an easy user experience within powerful software, Delivra has set its course for industry leadership.

Want to know more about our acquisition process? You can find a quick overview here or you reach out to our team to get to know us better. We’re always on the lookout for companies that support digital entrepreneurs as they start, build, and scale their businesses.