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We buy and build great companies

Redbrick is on the lookout for companies that support digital entrepreneurs as they start, build, and scale their businesses

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A future with Redbrick

We’re passionate about giving entrepreneurs a competitive edge, and we want to expand our portfolio with companies, technology, and people that share our mission.

Striking a deal means we’re excited to build on the foundation you’ve spent years shaping. We’re not here to mess with the best parts of your business.

We’re industry experts

Our leadership team is a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who have grown Redbrick from a start-up into a multi-national parent company. We know how to scale in the software business.

And exceptional marketers

It’s how we’ve scaled two of our companies to the Profit 500 list and been named one of the fastest-growing software companies in Canada.

We leverage decades of experience to capture opportunities for growth while our companies focus on innovating ahead of their industry.

Our company

Unprecedented growth since 2020

In 2020, Leadpages’ owners wanted to exit and focus on other projects. We saw an opportunity to revitalize an outstanding product and team.

Since then, we’ve rolled out new technology, tapped into a bigger customer base, and mapped out a hyper-profitable strategic direction.

Leveraging the power of marketing

Delivra had invaluable industry knowledge and a loyal user base, but needed more resources to create a stable marketing program and capture more customers.

Working closely with Delivra since 2022, we’ve established an internal marketing team, launched a full branding redesign, and revitalized product development.

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Our most recent acquisition

After 16 years as an independent company, Animoto wanted more support to dive deeper into generative AI.

Animoto is still new to the Redbrick portfolio, but we’re already focused on developing a roadmap for product innovation and how, together, we can help more entrepreneurs tap into the power of video marketing.

"Redbrick was a proactive and trustworthy partner throughout our acquisition process. I was immediately impressed by their understanding of our business and our market."

Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto

"I've been through a couple of acquisitions and working with Redbrick has been, by far, the easiest and most rewarding experience for us."

Barbara Berry, CEO of Delivra

What we’re looking for
Tech for entrepreneurs
Digital companies, innovative software, or technology that give digital entrepreneurs a competitive edge.
Healthy, stable business
You’ve built a great foundation with steady customers and sustainable profit but now you’re ready for the next chapter.
Vision for the future
Your business has big ambitions, but you need strategic guidance or operational support to take it to the next level.

Have a lead on a great company?

We offer a 25k bonus to anyone who brings us a company we end up successfully acquiring.

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What makes
Redbrick different?

What makes
Redbrick different?

Unique company structure

Our Shared Services team manages the finance, People & Culture, and admin responsibilities for all the Redbrick companies, taking the pressure off growing businesses and their leadership teams.

Extra support for our portfolio

Redbrick marketing and creative teams divide their time across our portfolio, supporting existing teams within each company so we can better support rapid growth and innovation.

People-first, always

Work-life balance is what drives our success, and our People & Culture team are pros at fostering remote and in-person inclusivity. Our best ideas happen through the relationships we’ve built.

Our values

Lean on a leadership network

As a Redbrick company, your leadership team is connected to the network of CEOs, marketing experts, and business leaders across our portfolio. Tap into a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support, all under one roof.

Our team

We’re operators at heart

Good leadership is grounded in experience. We’re well-equipped with first-hand industry knowledge and have everything it takes to turn potential into rapid growth.
Tobyn Sowden
As founder and CEO, Tobyn’s background in computer science is what started it all. He continues to work hands-on with product as he leads the long-term vision for Redbrick.
Marco Pimentel
A relentless entrepreneur, Marco lives and breathes growing businesses from the ground up. Directing a team of marketers and creatives, he brings the Redbrick vision to life.
Rory Capern
Rory is a seasoned M&A leader with a long track record of building businesses and strong partnerships in tech and media, he can spot a good partner for Redbrick from a mile away.
Christine Tatham
Chief People Officer
As VP of People & Culture, Christine engages our most important asset—our people. Her leadership helps us anticipate our team’s needs and create a cohesive, meaningful culture.
Linda Christie
VP of finance
Linda leads the Redbrick finance team which serves all our portfolio companies. Her extensive experience expedites our financial review process and ongoing performance.

Becoming a Redbrick company

We use a four-step framework to keep our process simple

We frame what life looks like at Redbrick while learning everything about your business to make sure that we click.


If a deal makes sense, we write a letter of intent that outlines the scope of the acquisition.

Due diligence

Join working sessions so we can identify growth opportunities and how we can best support you.


Lawyers are called, paperwork gets signed, and champagne gets popped. You officially join the Redbrick family!

Let’s start with a conversation

Connect with our M&A team to get to know us better or learn more about our process.

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