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Rebase acquires emerging browser software
Mar 14, 2022
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Redbrick portfolio company will leverage the code and developer expertise of Wexond, a Chromium browser solution.

Newly acquired by Rebase, Wexond is an innovative browser that hosts exciting potential within its code and interface capabilities. 

Wexond is a custom browser, developed using a unique coding approach. The browser experience features advanced UI elements built on the foundation of the complex Chromium codebase. 

The underlying technology of the Wexond software enables developers to more efficiently modify the user interface of a Chromium browser, allowing them to bypass making the changes within the time-consuming and hard-to-navigate Chromium code. 

Redbrick and its portfolio companies, including Rebase, have extensive experience building unique custom browsers for consumers and businesses. Integrating Wexond’s technology into the initiatives of these companies is a strategic move to expand what we can accomplish within Chromium. 

"Building browser-based search applications is in our DNA here at Rebase, and we’re always looking for ways to innovate our approach. The Wexond team has been creatively redefining the browsing experience and we look forward to leaning on this technology and expertise for upcoming projects we have in our pipeline."

Neil Henderson, CEO of Rebase

Rebase is leading the acquisition of Wexond to leverage its code to create a new series of browsers, the first being a browser purpose-built for families. The founder of Wexond, Eryk Rakowski, will be joining the Rebase team.

"The acquisition of Wexond by Rebase has opened up new opportunities and created a new venture in the web browser market. Rebase has years of experience in browser development and its capable team will ensure rapid development of new products based on Chromium code while the cutting-edge solutions and know-how applied by Wexond's development team will make future products unique to the end-user. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but nothing is impossible for Rebase and Wexond."—Eryk Rakowski, Founder of Wexond

The acquisition of Wexond marks an exciting phase of growth within Rebase, and opens up a new landscape of opportunity for our upcoming browser development projects. We look forward to seeing everything Rakowski and the Rebase team accomplish in the coming year.

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